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Thunder Bay Custom Cycles is an innovative business that specializes in performance, service, restoration and custom creation of the legendary Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Thunder Bay Custom Cycles is located at 124 W. Hillsborough Ave in Tampa, FL, just 3 blocks west of I-275. Our facility spans over 5000 square feet and is well equipped with state of the art, finely calibrated machinery as well as having more than 30,000 individual parts in stock for all of your riding needs.

Thunder Bay Custom Cycles’ hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 6:00pm and Saturday from 8:00am to 12:00 noon Eastern Time. Special appointments are available upon request.

Dallas "Ray" Cason, owner of Thunder Bay Custom Cycles, Inc., along with his dedicated staff, offer many years of combined talent and passion for servicing and custom building the finest motorcycle of our time, which, as we all know, is heads above the rest!

Mike Eller is our lead mechanic; he brings to Thunder Bay vast amounts of knowledge and experience. Mike started working on Harley’s in 1973. He specializes in engine work, creating high performance for any application. Mike spends his free time building Go-Cart racing engines. Along with Mike, we have several other mechanics with varying degrees of experience and specialties.

We also have a complete machine shop which is always buzzing with activity. Our machinery includes glass beading, surface grinder, Sunnen hone, Quickway boring bar, engine lathe, MIG, TIG & heli-arc welding. This allows us to perform every step necessary right here in the shop. So, whether you want to boost the performance of your bike or just repair a single valve, we can do it! We also have a Superflow Dynomometer and are able to tune your carbureted or EFI bikes. Call us today for a price on your job.

Marge Tuplin operates our Parts Department which has a continuous stream of customers in search of the elusive, hard to find parts. They also come in for the readily available parts! Marge has extensive contacts around the country and can often find the impossible to find parts. Our stock room is loaded with over 30,000 parts for the very earliest Harley models to the newest. We also carry a full line of accessories to complete your riding experience. Marge is also your contact for the Service and Accounting departments.

Mr. Cason’s interest in motorcycles began with his purchase of a 1966 Sportster and then intensified with his passion for street class racing. This eventually propelled him into the pro drag circuit (nitro-methane class) in 1991. Ray has the combined talents of high speed racing and mechanical ingenuity to offer his customers at Thunder Bay Custom Cycles.

Stop in and check out our facility as well as our array of used bikes, restorations and custom builds. Thunder Bay also offers a full line of products from well known distributors such as Custom Chrome, Drag Specialties, S&S Cycles, Bikers Choice, and Performance Machine among a multitude of others. The staff at Thunder Bay are skilled mechanics, ready to help you with all of your riding needs. Browse our website or come on down and browse our facility!

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