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Welcome to the competitive world of nitro fuel drag racing and the Thunder Bay "Sudden Thunder" race team.

Sudden Thunder holds the 2005 AMRA Top Fuel National championship. Our goal for the 2008 Top Fuel racing circuit is to attend all races with the aid of corporate sponsorship in an effort to retain our current title as well as obtaining the title in the AHDRA, AMRA and AMA circuits. We would also endeavor to seek recognition for our team and sponsors as a winning professional race team combination while competing at a national level. Thunder Bayís Sudden Thunder race team consists of a group of dedicated and talented individuals which define our competitive strategy.

Our race team could be your marketing solution. Through your sponsorship you would receive media exposure at worldwide, national and local levels as well as in motorcycle and auto magazines. The Sudden Thunder race team is happy to attend your companyís special events to display the legendary Sudden Thunder dragster, do burn outs and autograph publicity photos in and effort to promote your corporate and customer relations. Sponsorsí name or logo will be proudly displayed on the race bike, team uniforms, trailer, listed on race programs and announced throughout sanctioned race events, providing you exposure during all aspects of racing. Also, sponsor literature and promotional items can be displayed, given away or sold at each race.

I personally own the 2003 PRP driven Harley Davidson top fuel dragster (value $100,000.00), 1994 American Eagle 34 foot diesel motor coach (value $100,000.00) along with a 2003 24 foot covered trailer (value $15,000.00). Sudden Thunder race team would also execute a liability statement to hold harmless any corporate sponsor during all sanctioned events. Sudden Thunderís current sponsors include Thunder Bay Custom Cycles of Tampa, FL, Channel Blade Technologies of Virginia Beach, VA, Global Express Travel of Brandon, FL, Ross Pistons, Spectro Oil, Autolite and Cracker Racing.

Sudden Thunder race team is on the cutting edge and we would appreciate any opportunities you can inject into our team to helps us retain our #1 title in the Top Fuel division.

Sudden Thunder race team holds practice sessions at Sunshine Motor Speedway and would be delighted to introduce you to "Sudden Thunder" and provide you the opportunity to view its performance upon request.

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